Aloha, this is the Kailua, Oahu TS 480 Remote Ham Station.

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The header image titled “O Dark 30”  at KARC Field Day 2009 at Kualoa Regional Park on Oahu.

Note: These pages are a Work-In-Progress (WIP) and will change frequently as the physical and programmatic aspects of the station and its operation are added and/or modified.

For specific information, view list of pages in the top menu or the right-hand column. Some pages are password protected to prevent hacking into the station equipment. You can request a sign-on/password on the Contact page  


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Some Progress

Hi all, The remote is working well on receive. Be was able to use SSB, RTTY (CQ RTTY contest) to listen to places like Germany, Italy, Finland, Croatia, Spain, China, South Africa Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Madiera Island, Monte Negro, etc. as well as Canada and across the US to the east coast. Bev reports …

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Sept 29 Status

Made changes to the Menu page on the website and the KH7U Remote Menu link. This should make it easier to check on the station. Please check both out. Added a Use Log page to show the last seven (7) users logged in and duration in minutes Working on the RTTY/ FSK connection, and the CAT …

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Simpler Access

We have four operators now. Bev AH6NF, Fred K8FR, Ken KH7U and Stuart NH6N I added a simplified menu on the web. See the Menu Page  here for a summary. The Who’s On? pages displays who is on, the duration in minutes, the radio status, etc. Holler if you find a bug. Jim    1,189 total views, …

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Contact Us

    Jim WH6GS wh6gs at arrl dot net

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