Save Log File (ADI)

How to access / copy log file in WSJT-X

1. load and execute WSJT-X
2. in WSJT-X, click on “File”; “Open Log Directory”
3. look for “wsjtx_log.adi” (the ADI file)
4. click on the ADI file to open it
5. click on “edit”; “select all” (entire contents will be highlighted) *
6. click on “edit”; “copy” (entire contents will be copied)**
7. go to Windows desktop (easy way: press-and-hold “windows icon key” and “D” key) ****
8. execute “notepad” or equivalent
9. click “file”; “new”
10. position cursor in empty file area
11. click on “paste” (content from ADI file will be pasted in new area)
12. do any editing / deleting / etc as needed
13. click on “file”; “save as”
14. select your destination disk and directory
15. enter desired file name with “.adI” as suffix
16. change “save as file type” to “all files (*.*)
17 Click “Save”
Pau !

* select key = Control-A
** copy key = Control-C
*** paste key = Control V
**** Go to desktop = press-and-hold “windows icon key” and press “D” key