KH7U Remote Menu

Note: Major steps are highlighted in Green 

Power On

KH7U - WebSite - (for information)
1. Check Status
KH7U - Webswitch Status & Last User
2. Log On and Turn On Power
KH7U - Webswitch Login

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WebCam Views

WebCam Video
WebCam Snapshot

For Digital

1.. Run VNC on your Desktop
2. Check and kill Mumble on VNC Desktop if needed
3. Run WSJT-X on VNC Desktop
4. Verify your Callsign on WSJT-X File/Settings/General
5 If you have Hamlib errors:
(a). Log On and DIS-Connect Radio
KH7U - RigPi


When Pau:
6. Exit WSJT-X
7. Exit VNC and its menu
8. Turn off Power
KH7U - Webswitch Login


Time Is
Fast test
What's My Router IP
Check Open Port