TS 590 Notes

The TS-590 is up and running for remote access.

Go to kenwood.com and download two programs for the TS-590SG.

ARCP-590G and ARVP-10

  • ARCP-590G
    • Install program
    • Select “Tools”, then “Setup”
    • Then:
      • “Network (KENWOOD Network Command System)”
      • “Setup” box
      • “Add”
        • Name the connection whatever you want
        • IP Address, Host Name: kh7u.dynu.net
        • Port Number: 50000
        • User Name: KH6J
        • Password: KH6JKH6J
  • ARVP-10
    • Install program (two will install)
    • You will only need ARVP-10R
    • Select “File”, then “Setup”
      • Select “Add”
        • Name the connection
        • IP Address: kh7u.dynu.net
        • Port Number: 33550
        • User Name: KH6J
        • Password: KH6JKH6J
Stuart NH76N

Stuart, Wed, May 27, 2019 10:26 PM

Hi All,

It seems the Kenwood setup doesn’t like its power  to be cycled on and off.

There’s a couple of ways to work around this problem…

First one is to leave the power to both the radio and the computer on all the time.

Second way; turn both the radio and computer on and off every time you want to use it.

I don’t know how the TS-480/RigPi system is set up or how it interacts with the TS-590 system, so you guys will have to make that choice.

First method is easy. Just log on and log off when done. You can turn the rig on and off via the ARCP-590G program if you want. You should not have to access the computer at all except for the first time it is turned on, or rebooted.

To start up the second  method, turn power on to the rig, then the computer via the internet switch.

The computer will automatically boot up on power application.

You then will have to access the computer via AnyDesk. (Kh6j@ad) password(KH6JKH6J).

Double click on the ARVP-10H icon to start it. (Cannot be set to automatically start). Then, click on the “Online” box until it shows “Offline”.

Double click on the ARCP-590H icon to start it.

That’s all. You should not need to access anything else on this computer. (I have hidden all the other icons.)

You should now be able to access the system from the Kenwood programs.

To turn off the system,

Disconnect the rig via the Kenwood program. DO NOT use the POWER button.

Log into AnyDesk.

Turn the computer off. (Via the Windows icon in lower left corner).

Shut power to internet switch.

Hope this helps.


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