TS 590 Operation

  • On local PC log into  KH7U WebPower and turn on KARC TS-590 Power
  • On local PC open AnyDesk; click on KH6J@ad; click on CONNECT button
  • Ensure ARHP-590G  is running;
  • Click on CONNECT; DO NOT click on POWER button *
  • Ensure ARVP-10H is running;
  • Button displays OFFLINE; if not, click it to change from ONLINE to OFFLINE
  • On local PC run ARCP-590G; Power and Connect buttons are Green;,  display shows frequency
  • On local PC run ARVP-10R; Connection Name box displays KH6J@ad;
  • Click on Connect: RX/TX lights shows Green/Red and button shows Disconnect
  • You are ready to operate.

* DO NOT click on POWER button ; If you click on POWER button and turn off the TS-590, I have to drive over to Kailua to power the radio on again.  DO NOT click on POWER button 


To tun off

  • On local PC : ARCP-590G; click on DISCONNECT; DO NOT click on POWER button; Power button turns off; close program
  • On local PC: ARVP-10R; click ONLINE button and close program
  • On local PC close AnyDesk
  • On local PC log into KH7U WebPower and turn off KARC TS-590 Power