Bev’s Notes

Turning on and logging into the Kailua remote for WSJT-X

Go to KH7U Remote Menu ( ) on your local desktop.
Check the Webswitch status.
(If the TS 480 or TS 590 Power Switch is on then someone is using the station. Come back later.
If no one is on:
Go back to the KH7U Remote menu
Click on KH7U Webswitch login
Log in using the login and password

Turn on the TS 480 Power Supply (see Switch)
This powers on the TS 480 rig and attaches the antenna.

Again, Go back to KH7U Remote Menu (using back arrows).
Click on KH7U RigPi
This brings up the RigPi Sign-in page
Enter your User Name and Password (in the boxes in the center of the page)
Click on Sign In (blue box)

This brings up the Radio Control Panel (tuner).
Press Connect Radio (near the middle on the left side. It has a tiny red triangle.
This triangle should turn green (takes awhile), then the frequency should show in the large orange box on the left.
(If triangle doesn’t turn green, wait, then retry – or click on Disconnect, wait and try Connect again).
Minimize or Exit this page. This puts you back on the local desk top.

Double click on the VNC (blue square icon).
Double click the KH7U RigPi icon in VNC menu page. This page should show the remote desktop (currently a road on the background photo).
Look for red or black lips (Mumble) on the top right of the toolbar. If the lips are showing, close them or WSJTx won’t run. (Mumble is for SSB).
Double click the dark blue globe on the remote Desktop (This is NOT the globe on the Toolbar, but the one below on the left.)
The two windows of WSJTx should come up.

Set DB Bar Graph to approx.. -40 DB (see Capture in Volume control below).
Adjust the power as needed using the slider on the Right Side.being used.
Check and ensure your callssign is being used. Click on File/Settings/General and check under Station Details.
The TS 480 is left in full power (100 watts), so half way up the slider is about 50 watts.

Bev AH6NF,  June 2020