RigPi Install

Before you can operate the Remote station, you need the following programs installed on your computer.

You need a listening device

  • Computer speaker
  • – or – headset
  • – or – headset with boom mic

You need a microphone

  • Computer microphone
  • – or – external microphone (ex: webcam mic)
  • – or – headset with boom mic

You need an internet connection (Ethernet <preferred> or Wi Fi)

Mumble is a VOIP program that passes audio between your computer and the remote station.

  • Install Mumble
  • Select Add New
  • Enter a Username
  • Enter address = kh7u.dynu.net
  • Enter port = 64638
  • Enter label (anything you choose)
  • Click OK

To use:

  • Highlight desired favorite
  • Click Connect
    • First time you need to create a New Certificate – this is in lieu of a password.
  • The right column should show PI and your username

RealVNC is a remote desktop program that allows you to control the RigPi computer

  • Install RealVNC Viewer (hereafter called VNC)
  • If needed, create a new account – (email address and password)
  • On address line (top) enter = kh7u.dynu.net:5900
  • Give it any name

There is s much more. Here’s the RigPi manual