Fred – First QSO


Congratulations !!! I’m so glad that your RRC and TS 480 head are working, I’ve added key/paddle CW to the remote but haven’t tested it yet.

Ken just started on his setup so I’ll be working with him on it in the next days to come.


On 9/18/2018 10:33 AM, Fred wrote:


Thought I would add some additional info:

I made my first QSO today.  20 meters with NR6Q in Sacramento, CA.

Greg was beaming to Australia so he and I had good signals.  He said I sounded good.  It was at 9:15AM my time.

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Fred’s On

Looks like Fred’s on the remote. Still some minor stuff to clear up. Congrats, Fred !!!

Connected CW paddle/straight key cable.  Need someone to try it out.

Still on a learning curve. Seems that if one ham’s RRC  is connected to the remote RRC, no one else can connect until the first ham disconnects his/her RRC. The indication on the second ham’s RRC is 2 X 6 beeps. This is a pain because there’s no power switch on the local RRC. Gotta give this some thought for a better solution.

For now when you QRT: Either turn off your RRC – OR – disconnect the Ethernet cable from your RRC.  This allows others to operate.



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15 Minute Shutdown

Thanks to Stuart NH6N who found the cause of the 15 minute shutdown of the remote station audio channel connection. There is a Ping Watchdog option in the RRC that cuts off the connection if it pings the router IP address every 5 minutes and shuts down if it fails to receive a response 3 times in a row. Thus 15 minutes.

I thought I disabled the option, but it was pinging which was not the router IP address at the remote site (

Problem solved! Thanks to Stuart.

This means that the remote station is fully operational for SSB. Cat control, CW, RTTY and digital protocols will follow.

I added a page explaining Dynamic Domain Name Servers (DDNS) hopefully in an easy to understand manner. It is an essential part of making the remote station work. Using DDNS service ensures that you can always access the remote station via without knowing its current IP address.

I added a page titled “Installation” which is a copy of the email I sent to Fred K8FR to help with the install and configuration of his new RRC.

More later, Jim WH6GS

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Who’s On?

  • Stuart NH6N picked up TS 480 Control Head and RRC from us today to test it at his Pearl City QTH to see if he experiences the 15 minute dropout. Hope to hear from him in the next few days.
  • Added a link to KH7U Remote Status on the Who’s On page to check the remote base status. Here’s what it looks like:


The KH7U Remote Base Status
The Remote TS 480 is ON
A TS 480 Control Head is Disconnected
The Operator’s IP Address is


  • The Remote TS 480 is ON – the radio has power applied
  • A TS 480 Control Head is Disconnected – no one is connected to the radio
  • The Operator’s IP Address is – if someone is operating, this is their IP address – future enhancement will show the operator’s name/call sign

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First QSO

9/7/2018 -Bev logged a first QSO on the remote with a Cal station getting a 55 report.

9/8/2018 Bev heard, Georgia, Italy, Spain, etc. Excellent reception, low noise.

Added Station and operating photos

Edited installation and operations pages

Installed Web Power Switch. Now we can turn equipment on/off from any browser.

Passworded some pages. Email me if you need the password.

One problem is that the radio loses the audio channel every 15 minutes on the hour requiring a restart. It seems to go off at 0, 15, 30, 45 minutes on the hour plus minus 3-5 minutes. We live in a dense condo area with tons of internet connections. We will take to remote out to Pearl City  and test in a mostly single family home residential area and see if the problem persists.  I suspect there may be some company (?) that sends out a blast of interference every 15 minutes in my area. More as we diagnose the problem.

Working on a simplified status page to see who is operating.

This blog will change every few days. Check it as needed. I will not always send out email alerts.

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