Set up equipment
  • Configure Router
  • Configure TS 480 Control Head
  • Configure Remoterig Controller (RRC)
  • Attach Ethernet cable from Router to RRC Ethernet jack<
  • Attach power to RRC
  • Attach RJ11 cable from RRC to Control Head TTL jack<
  • Attach Microphone to RRC MIC jack
Ready to operate
  • First, check to see if anyone is on the radio – click on (*) KH7U Menu  and select Who’s On? 
  • On a browser, query Web Power Switch (WPS) status
    • (*)  http://kh7u.dynu.net – WPS
    • (*)  Log in with name and password
    • Switch on the TS-480 power supply, (Antenna tuner and KPA500 Amplifier) power.
    • If TS-480 power already on, someone may be operating.
      • Check if the remote station is in use – click on KH7U Menu
      • If the Control Head is Disconnected, then the remote is yours to use.
  • Power on local RRC
  • Ensure Green LED power light is lighted and steady
    • Blinking = no connection to radio
  • Ensure MIC jack Red LED is out
    • Red LED = Audio channel lost connection
  • Ensure Orange LED lis lighted and steady
    • Blinking = SIP connection lost
    • Lost SIP = three-rising tone repeated five times
  • Turn on TS-480 Control Head
  • Control head shows “HELLO” and then frequency display
  • Ready to operate.
Errors and Problems Pau operate
  • Either turn off your RRC – OR – disconnect the Ethernet cable from your RRC. If you leave your RRC powered on and connected to the internet no one else can operate.
  • (*) Connect to WPS via browser – password required
    • Always turn off power to TS-480, Antenna Tuner, Amplifier
    • This tells others that the station is free to use.
(*) Password required

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