The Kenwood TS 480 requires a dynamic microphone.

For some odd reason the mic supplied with the TS 480 does not have a model number on it.

Here is a list of Kenwood dynamic mics.

  • KMC-27B
  • KMC-36
  • mc-42s – 8-pin foster plug
  • mc-43 – 8-pin foster plug
  • mc-47 – 8-pin foster plug
  • mc-50 – 5-pin round plug
  • mc-60 (a) – 8-pin foster plug
  • mc-80 – 8-pin foster plug
  • the mic for TM 271A 2M/440 Mhz mobile radio has a RJ45 plug with correct wiring. Replacement mics on eBay go for approx. $20.

You can adapt almost any dynamic mic; an old Icom, Alinco, Yaesu mic would be fine.

Heil sells an RJ45 to 8-pin round jack – or – you can make one easily. Check the internet for the pinouts.

Heil sells an RJ45 to Heil headset adapter (AD-1KM = $22.95) – or – you can make one easily. Check the internet for the pinouts. With this you can easily use a foot-switch for PTT.

Making your own adapter is relatively easy.

  • Get an Ethernet jumper cable (jumper cables use stranded wire for flexibility and cut off one end at your choice of length. Six to twelve inches is fine. Strip of enough to connect to a round plug or to a 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) jack for the mic and 1/4/inch (6.3 mm)jack for the PTT. You need only mic & ground; PTT and ground: a total of four wires.Solder, pretty it up with shrink tubing, connect to the TS 480 control head and attach your mic and PTT, operate.


Kenwood dynamic microphone – RJ45 <—-> 8-Pin plug

Image result for kenwood mc 43 mic dynamic

The only four connections you really need are Mic, Mic ground, PTT and PTT ground.

RJ45 in (Plug tip end – latch on top) Color Circuit 8-Pin Foster Plug Pin – Circuit
1 orange/white Down Pin 3 Down
2 orange RX audio Pin 5 N/C
3 green/white Mic <—-> Pin 1 Mic
4 blue Mic ground <—-> Pin 7 Mic ground
5 blue/white PTT <—-> Pin 2 PTT
6 green PTT ground <—-> Pin 8 Chassis ground
7 brown/white 8 vdc Pin 6 N/C
8 brown Up Pin 4 Up

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