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Aloha Fred,

May I offer some assistance in setting up your router and Remoterig (RRC) box? The following instructions are for Windows PC.

What is the make and model of your router so I can find the manual online, I can point you to the specific parameters that need to be modified to accommodate the RRC.

Link to and copy down the “Router’s Public IP”, “Router’s Private IP” and “Your Device’s IP” and send it to me so I can determine if you need to change the IP address on your RRC.

Download and install “Microbit Manager” program needed to set up the RRC.

Here’s the RRC manual online.

Two pages on the website contain info and instructions on how to strap and jumper the RRC. You need to decide which of two options to configure on your router.

Here’s the link to the RRC firmware versions. We’re currently using version 2.91.

Finally check out the pages on the website, especially the “operations” page.

This may seem like a lot of necessary steps (and it is) but the end result (hopefully) will be a less painful installation and operation.




Aloha Fred,

Here are some info to configure your router.

  • pg 138-140: how to set up a static IP address for your RRC. With a static address assigned you will be able to access your RRC without having to search for the latest DHCP assignment. Likely it will be To keep it simple to remember, I suggest 227 which is the RRC default, but it is not mandatory.
  • If you choose to use the DMZ option the info is on pg 187. You can find the MAC address of your RRC in the info section of the RRC screen. You will need it to set up the DMZ.
  • To turn off the SIP ALG, go to pg 188.
  • If you choose to not use DMZ, you will need to set up port forwarding, The info is on pg 180-183. See the HUNA section fo for the current five (5) ports required.
  • RRC configuration pages:
  • Ip Settings:
    • DHCP = no
    • Gateway and DNS server =
  • Radio Settings
    • Program mode = 5
    • Sip password = leave blank
    • Sip contact =
    • Auto connect = no
    • Audio quality = 12
    • COM0 baudrate = 57600  (that’s COM zero)
    • everything else leave default
  • Advanced Settings
    • Configure the five ports per HUNA

Don’t forget to Submit the changes and Apply them

If you wish, I would like a copy of the configuration. The easiest way to get them is to select Export Settings (HTML), save the file and email it as an attachment to me.

Hopefully this will minimize any problems is your installation.




Aloha Fred,

re: my emails 9/12 and 9/14; your email 9/13:

Checking the RRC export file you sent:

It seems you are using IP-address, which is fine. Please ensure that this address has been set as a static address on your router. This will give you a consistent address to use when you check your RRC configuration in the future.

You need to change the port settings in the “Advanced Settings” of your RRC to the port numbers are on the HUNA page. These ports allow you to communicate with the remote radio.

Are you using the DMZ option on your router? If not, then  you need to Port Forward the above ports to your address.

Once these changes are completed and saved, you should be able to access the remote radio. Check the “operation” page for the procedure. To review:
1. check to see who’s on.
2. if TS 480 is not on, go to and switch on #1 TS 480 power
3. with your RRC powered on, press the TS 480 head power switch for approx 2 seconds
4. the panel should show HELLO and you should be able to operate.
5. Don’t forget to switch off the radio power when you’re QRT




Aloha Fred,

see below for comments.


On 9/16/2018 11:05 AM, Fred wrote:

Hi Jim,

Thanks for all your help in setting up my RRC.

I port forwarded the 5 ports in my router.

I will research that DMZ option since I’m still not sure of that.

If you port forwarded to an IP address, you do not need the DMZ option.

I still have to set up a static IP address for the RRC.

If you don’t have a static address (aka DHCP reservation) then DHCP MAY assign you the next available address. The problem is that if this address is not the one to which you forwarded your ports then your RRC will not communicate with the remote. Most times DHCP works fine, but there is no guarantee..

I did not understand what you sent in your last message Under RRC configurations pages:

Ip Settings:


Gateway and DNS server=

As soon as I changed DHCP to NO, I lost all communications to the RRC and the RCC’s

green led started blinking because of no network connection.

So I went back to YES.

We use DHCP=NO, but we have aDHCP reserved (static) address. If it works, stay with it but please  set up your static address to minimize future problems.

On last change I made which you did not tell me about was to change the baud rate to 57600

for a TS-480 control head.

My mistake. I assumed that selecting the TS 480 option (#5) would automatically select 57600. I will change the instructions to be explicit on this point. Thanks for alerting me.

That change made the connection work.

I turned ON the TS-480 and amplifier, did not hear any stations, called CQ a few times,

on all bands, but no responses.  I guess there is an antenna connected.

The Hy-Gain AV-680 antenna is always connected. it’s good from 10M-80M.

Like I said in my previous e-mail,  I have to read the TS-480 manual to see

what all those buttons do.

The TS 480 manual is available as a PDF at

Again, thanks Jim for all your help.

Can you send me a new export (HTML) of your RRC configuration?
Please LMK if/when you have your first successful QSO.
Thanks, Jim




Aloha Fred, et al,

Congratulations !!! I’m so glad that your RRC and TS 480 head are working, I’ve added key/paddle CW to the remote but haven’t tested it yet.

Ken just started on his setup so I’ll be working with him on it in the next days to come.



On 9/18/2018 10:33 AM, Fred wrote:


Thought I would add some additional info:

I made my first QSO today.  20 meters with NR6Q in Sacramento, CA.

Greg was beaming to Australia so he and I had good signals.  He said I sounded

good.  It was at 9:15AM my time.



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