Some Progress

Hi all,

The remote is working well on receive. Be was able to use SSB, RTTY (CQ RTTY contest) to listen to places like Germany, Italy, Finland, Croatia, Spain, China, South Africa Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Madiera Island, Monte Negro, etc. as well as Canada and across the US to the east coast.

Bev reports solid receive – 59s – on many bands from 15M through 80M. Noise seems to be about S5. Some chirps and birdies which Kimo hopes to check out at Kailua soon.

Her SSB QSO contact mentioned a low level mic signal, so she boosted the mic gain to 80%.This might be just her mic. She’ll try a Heil headset to see if it makes a difference.

Stuart has tried CW with some success. We need to test some more.

We logged both Fred and Ken on the air, but have no idea what mode or freqs they tried.

We’re adding cables at Kailua today to test RTTY transmit.

If you intend to use digital, remember that you need to connect whatever interface you normally use for your local rig. The only difference is that your connections will be to your RRC instead of your rig’s accessory port. LMK if you try it.

We added a cable to provide CAT control. The test is a success. You will need a serial-DB9 male cable from Com2 on your RRC to your PC. Since most PCs no longer have a serial port, you may need a USB-to-Serial adapter. I suggest you get one that uses the FTDI chip as the Prolific-chip-based ones have reported sporadic problems because they are often cloned in China. Bev used it with N1MM with no problems.

We would appreciate any feedback about your QSOs and use of the remote, especially signal reports, bands, operating glitches, etc. so we can improve the station.


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Simpler Access

We have four operators now.

Bev AH6NF, Fred K8FR, Ken KH7U and Stuart NH6N

I added a simplified menu on the web. See the Menu Page  here for a summary. The Who’s On? pages displays who is on, the duration in minutes, the radio status, etc. Holler if you find a bug.



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New Pages


  • Added Router page with detailed information on how to set up the router for your Control Head and RRC.
  • Added RRC configuration page (draft)
  • Added Microphone page for information on Kenwood Microphones, mic adapters and how to make them.
  • Added Photos page
  • Added Members page
  • Added Who’s On? page
  • Revised Operations page
  • More pages to come. LMK what pages you need.
  • Ken KH7R wants 6M for SSB and FT8.
  • Beb AH6NF  wants FT8


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  • 9/2/2018 – late pm
    • 7:30 pm – First QSO with Doug KH6U – 59+ great audio, no noise. One audio drop-out. (red LED). Kimo KH7U monitoring at the remote radio.
  •  9/2/2018 – early pm
    •  Receiving okay.
    • Lose Audio channel (red LED) approx every 15 minutes.
    • Occasionally lose SIP connection (Yellow flashing LED).
    • Changed SIP port to 13000 from 5060.
    • Set audio codec to 12 to reduce bandwidth usage.
    • Configure WebPower switch to turn equipment on/off remotely. Will install soon.
  • 8/30/2018 – Installed TS-480 and  Radio RRC – works
  • 8/xx/2018 – Antenna installation complete


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