Save WSJTX Logs

To get WSJTx logs off of Kailua remote:


  • Click on File\Open Log Directory
  • Double click on the file  WSJTx_log.adi (This opens the log of your contacts.) Make sure this is YOUR log that you want to save.
  • Close the log.
  • Right-click on the log file (WSJTx_log.adi).
  • Click on COPY.
  • Go to pi/documents folder (Left-hand column).
  • Right-click in the Right-hand white area.
  • Click on PASTE.
  • (WSJTx_log.adi will be copied to pi/documents folder.
  • Highlight your file in pi/documents folder and Right-click.
  • Choose RENAME
  • Enter new name (e.g. by date 2020.06.04.adi).
  • Exit Documents

Then E-mail the file to yourself:

  • Go to Chrome Browser (blue globe at the top)
  • Go to (loads Gmail) (Takes a long time)
  • Compose\New message (to compose an e-mail here also takes a long time)
    • To: yourself
    • Subject: logs or something you would remember
    • Attach the file of your log from Pi Documents (takes a long time)
    • Choose File, then Open at the bottom
    • Send
  • Check your email on your local computer
  • The received e-mail has an attached file. (File has to be downloaded to your computer).
  • File arrives as .adi file, but if you open it in NotePad or similar program, it adds
    .log at the end (delete this to be able to use the file to upload contacts).
  • Unless you want to save your QSOs in your log, delete the WSJTx_log.adi file by going to File/Open Log Directory.
    • Click on WSJTx_log.adi;.
    • Right-click and select MOVE TO TRASH or press the DELETE key.
    • This will clear the log file  for the next person. (WSJTX will generate a new log.adi file)

To Exit the remote from WSJTx:

  • Kill WSJTx (Kill = X out of)
  • Kill VNC Desktop (KH7U RigPi VNC viewer)
  • Go to Webswitch login page; Login if needed.
  • Turn off #5 (480 and antenna)



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