Remoterig 1258MKII (RRC) Setup for the Kenwood TS 480 Control Head

You will need to open your RRC box and configure it for the Kenwood TS-480.

Download the  latest Microbit Setup Manager at http://www.remoterig.com/wp/?page_id=88

  • Follow instructions to locate your RRC on your LAN
  • Change the IP address to be in your router’s range
    • Typically it would be 192.168.x.y;  x is normally 0,1,2;  y can be your choice of 2-250
  • Netmask is always
  • Gateway is your routers IP-address, Typically 192.168.x.1
  • You may need to download the correct version of software for the RRC.
    • We are NOT using the latest software version until later.
    • Current installed version is 2.38

Once the RRC  IP-address is set, you can configuure the RRC parameters via a boowser.

  • On a browser, connect to your RRC IP-address (example:
  • In the left-hand column, click on Info and Status screens for information.
  • Modify parameters as needed.
  • <<list of parameters will be added here shortly>>


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