15 Minute Shutdown

Thanks to Stuart NH6N who found the cause of the 15 minute shutdown of the remote station audio channel connection. There is a Ping Watchdog option in the RRC that cuts off the connection if it pings the router IP address every 5 minutes and shuts down if it fails to receive a response 3 times in a row. Thus 15 minutes.

I thought I disabled the option, but it was pinging which was not the router IP address at the remote site (

Problem solved! Thanks to Stuart.

This means that the remote station is fully operational for SSB. Cat control, CW, RTTY and digital protocols will follow.

I added a page explaining Dynamic Domain Name Servers (DDNS) hopefully in an easy to understand manner. It is an essential part of making the remote station work. Using Dynu.net DDNS service ensures that you can always access the remote station via kh7u.dynu.net without knowing its current IP address.

I added a page titled “Installation” which is a copy of the email I sent to Fred K8FR to help with the install and configuration of his new RRC.

More later, Jim WH6GS

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